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16 mayo, 2014

Choices and opportunities

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

The Social Age is a time of constant change: careers are fractured and we’re likely to change direction many times. As the nature of work evolves and the opportunities presented by social collaborative technology increase, we are spoilt for choice as to what we can do with our skills and our emotional energy. Not to mention our time. I’ve spent today with four different people, working in wildly different areas, but all with one thing in common: they’ve all changed direction more than once. In the Social Age, organisations no longer own your career: we all individually make our choices and create our own structure. Today i just want to explore what that freedom looks like and to think about how it may sometimes be constrained by circumstance or skills.

Choices Our choices may not always be a free as we think.

Our choices of how and where we work…

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