Juan domingo Farnós Miró




We present ten points that will be the backbone of the new university that will be fully integrated into society and no longer as the center of power that segregates citizens between first and third class, if not that will support and accompany each of them in seeking their personalized excellence.

A university that will not pretend to be the universal center of knowledge but rather a stage where we can all, in person and / or virtually, share our ideas with anyone in the world to anticipate possible problems that society may pose.


Expressed in the form of a question, Juan Domingo Farnós Miró allows himself to summarize:
How can the University and the Information and Communication Society play a leading role?

1.-Change roles (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/…/tecnologia-educa…/)
• Persons
• Roles
• Leadership (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/tag/liderajes/)


2.-Stop being a hierarchical “organization” and become redarchic. (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/…/complejidad-soci…/)
• From governance to all academic functioning.


3.-Go to work with learning objects and leave the proprietary and closed content moving on to others that are open, inclusive and ubiquitous (OER …)
• Learning subjects (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/…/interaccion-de-c…/)
• Learning objects (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/…/interaccion-de-c…/)


4.-Understand that the University must promote transdisciplinary learning (education), be within society, never outside.
• Transdisciplinary scenarios. (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/…/flujos-con-inves…/)
• Society as the axis of new ecosystems.


5.-The University must understand that learning and work are the same.
• Disruptive education (learning is the work) (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/c…/learning-is-work/)

6.-Understand that the methodologies must be different, as well as the types of learning.
• Methodologies (https://juandomingofarnos.wordpress.com/…/universidad-meto…/)
• Types of learning


7.-Recognize that they are no longer the center of knowledge and that it already resides in the Society.
• Society as the backbone
• The University as an “orientation” organization


8.-Accept that the “social recognition” that they provided (certifications and titles) are no longer basic to society and that this should be a role for the Company.


9.-That you should work with the internet, ICT, Artificial Intelligence … as tools and instruments to support new learning.


10.-Visualize that learning is outside the University.
Informal Learning
Learning on and off the edges.


This university represents “the day after” a bad dream and the hope of all those who are sure that they want to star in their future.

JDFM: It is now you who must add your ideas to improve it without fear that nobody will prevent it, with total freedom and thinking that no power can control neither knowledge nor learning (this is our new university, everyone’s).