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I recently presented a model for the design of Scaffolded Social Learning: it’s a way of combining both formal and co-created components into one coherent learning narrative. The formal elements will be things like workshops, eLearning, mobile materials, assessments, podcasts, reading and so on. The co-created elements are those things that we do within our communities: it’s the ‘sense making’ activity, but i thought it would be worth expanding exactly what this could look like.

10 aspects of Scaffolded Social

There’s a risk that we just ask people to ‘talk about stuff’, which is effectively just making the ‘social’ part a bolt on solution, not a truly scaffolded approach.

In this article, i want to explore ten facets of the co-created component. We will look at ‘curation’, uncovering how we can use this activity in the learning design, then ‘interpreation’, which is where…

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