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I saw a video the other day of a small child discovering their shadow. They were walking along when they suddenly realised that the penumbra trailing close behind was somehow attached. A sequence of bemused hopping and dancing entailed as they tried to break free, before a realisation that it’s here to stay.

Chasing the Shadow of the Social Age

It’s like that with the Social Age: many organisations are aware that something is trailing them. Some are starting to shake a leg frantically, hoping it will drop off. A few are dancing in wonderment.

Sometimes people say to me, ‘Oh, social? Yes, we do that’, as if somehow i’m proposing that Twitter is their redemption.

The Social Age is not about Social Media. Sure, it’s facilitated by social technology and it’s certainly all about communities, but it’s much bigger and much deeper than that.

It’s a broad spectrum of change: the evolved nature…

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