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Interactive education. For every platform. For everyone.
At Desmos, we let all of the devices in the classroom work together – from Interactive Whiteboards, to laptops and tablets, to smartphones. With our software, anyone can build rich content that plays in any browser, on any device. Desmos began its life as Tutor Trove, LLC. Founded in 2007 by Eli Luberoff, an active tutor, avid programmer, and math and physics double major (read: nerd) at Yale, Tutor Trove’s mission was to help tutors bring their business online. Eli built the company around a browser-based collaborative environment for remote tutoring called a «virtual Whiteboard».
Now, with a growing team and the support of some fantastic investors and advisors, we’re expanding the vision of Desmos. Based on our core Whiteboard technology, Desmos aims to serve as a web-based, unifying standard for interactive lessons. No longer are teachers limited by the kind of hardware they have in their classroom. Anyone will be able to build content on their computer and use it in class on an Interactive Whiteboards, at home from a computer, or on the go from a tablet. Accessing Desmos will be as simple as opening up a browser.
We believe that everyone wins when ideas are shared, passed around, and chewed on (metaphorically speaking). Thus our guiding mantra: interactive content, for every platform, for everyone. …