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14 enero, 2012

e-learning, conocimiento en red: #TIES2012. III Congreso Europeo de Tecnologías de la Información en la Educación y en la Sociedad: Una visión crítica

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e-learning, conocimiento en red y web colectiva…
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e-learning, conocimiento en red: Montserrat Gomendio Kindelan, Secretaria de Estado de Educación, Formación Profesional y Universidades. …#Universidad ecología evolutiva

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e-learning, conocimiento en red y web colectiva…
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The best iOS accessories from CES 2012

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The week-long Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is all wrapped up.
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Factoría del Tutor

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Factoría del Tutor, plataforma educativa donde podrás crear programaciones didácticas, unidades didácticas, establecer contactos con otros docentes por medio de la red social y organizar de forma innovadora tus clases y contenidos educativos…
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Uso de la información Desarrollado.cmap

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Este Cmap, tiene información relacionada con: Uso de la información Desarrollado.cmap, REFORZAR LA RED puede incrementar VALOR* DE UNA PIEZA DE INFORMACIÓN, POSICIÓN EN RED DE RELACIONES definida en RED DE RELACIONES, HACER IMPLICITA LA RED ayuda …
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Need to Combine E-Learning with Mentoring? Here’s a Simple Solution. » The Rapid eLearning Blog

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Recently someone asked how to combine their mentoring program with elearning courses. This is something I’ve worked on a few times over the years. It usually involved a production environment where peer coaches were tasked with training new employees on the floor. But the ideas in this post could work in any type of training program that includes some sort of mentoring or peer coaching.   A Common Case   A person’s hired to a new position and often assigned a peer coach who walks beside him until he’s up-to-speed. Not only is this an effective way to teach new employees, it’s also a great way to help build a social connection to the work and organization. However, there are a few challenges with this type of training and many are overcome by blending elearning content with the peer coaching.   Here are a few of the challenges I’ve encountered:   Pulling people from real production. The peer coach also has her own job to do. So there’s pressure to help the new person but then get back to work. Because of this, the peer coach may take short cuts, not present complete information, or neglect the needs of the new person.   Inconsistent training process. Much of the new person’s learning is dictated by the peer coach’s own work flow. This can make it a challenge if the new person doesn’t fully understand what’s going on and jumps from one thing to the next without understanding the proper context or work process.   …
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Dirty Little Secrets: The Trouble With Social Search

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When Google launched Search plus Your World on Tuesday, we expected the Google+-aided personalized search engine to draw serious criticism o…
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Internet Time Alliance | Insights @hjarche

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How To Focus In The Age of Distraction | Edudemic

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