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24 mayo, 2012

Learnlets » Reconciling Formal and Informal @Quinnovator

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The Next Generation of E-Learning » The Rapid eLearning Blog

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Measurement and Analytics for Learning via @elearningcoach

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This month I’ve been thrilled to write a series of posts on creating measurement and analytics models on the American Society for Training & Development’s blog.

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How Trainers are Holding Themselves Back | Mindflash

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“Training needs to earn a seat at the table.” “We need to show the ROI of training.” “Leaders don’t understand the value of…

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El parque como aula: Rompiendo paradigmas – Diario El Tipógrafo

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Diario El TipógrafoEl parque como aula: Rompiendo paradigmasDiario El TipógrafoJJ Rousseau, ya en 1762, planteaba que formar al hombre a partir de la naturaleza no es hacerlo salvaje, sino dejar que se gobierne.

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Aprendizaje con sentido | Puerto Managers Blog

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Hoy la saturación no es de sentido sino de información… y necesitamos aprender a cambiar el mapa por la brújula.

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@Cybraryman1 Internet Catalogue Project Based learning

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PBL is based upon the idea that students will be most engaged in the learning process when they have a personal interest in what they are learning. Instead of sitting in a teacher-driven classroom all day long, students learn through the exploration of topics that interest them on their own terms, and largely at their own pace. Each students is a member of a team of 12-20 students, managed by an adult advisor who helps to facilitate the learning process.

Obviously, no teacher intends to breed student drones, so perhaps some of the New County School’s techniques can liven up  learning in traditional schools as well. Has anyone out there experienced this firsthand? http://www.thambo.org/blog/?p=287

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The .@juandoming Daily

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A personalized newspaper built from articles, blog posts, videos and photos selected by juandoming.

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La “presencia” en la formación con E-learning! By .@juandoming

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juandon …como será la presencia de los “actores” que intervienen en la formación en línea?…realmente aprender mediante E-learning, junto con la Web 2.0, es un desafío, a…

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