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Within the Constrained organisation, there are multiple change conversations taking place, but each is somehow isolated: it’s energy is constrained. It’s rather like an aircraft on the runway, with the chocks still in place: it doesn’t matter how powerful the engines are, it’s not going anywhere until the chocks are removed.

Change Curve - The Control Effect

This is characteristic of an organisation that is churning, not changing: it’s active, it’s motivated, it desires change, but it’s not yet fully in motion.

Change Curve - the Control Effect

Our mechanism to remove the chocks is not to push harder: that’s an application of the wrong type of energy. Instead, we need to create a space for conversations, outside of the project, outside of the formal space. We invite people to come together in unusual configurations, cutting across functional areas, to co-create the change story. We provide a common narrative structure to these groups, but let them fill in the…

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