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I’ve been introducing the Change Curve, a framework for dynamic organisational change in the Social Age. It identifies three manifestations of change: ‘Resisted‘, where the organisation deploys antibodies and kills the change, ‘Constrained‘, where the organisations wants to change, but won’t relinquish control, and ‘Dynamic‘, which is the state we are aiming for, where change is amplified and embraced, giving us true agility. Most organisations get to ‘Constrained‘ and stick there, churning away. Their heads are still above water, but they’re getting nowhere.

Dynamic Change in the Social Age

The Social Age is characterised by constant change: in our technology, in organisational structures, in our patterns of travel and work, in our social communities. There is no one system, mechanism or process that can let us thrive, except agility: the ability to ‘figure it out‘, time and again, often facilitated by technology…

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