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I’ve been sharing a Framework for Change in the Social Age: it’s intended to be a practical view of how organisations typically respond to change and how, using social mechanisms and approaches, we can ease the journey. The Change Curve identifies three states that the organisation may inhabit: ‘resisted‘ to change, ‘constrained‘ internally, or ‘dynamic‘. We are aiming to reach the dynamic space. Today, i want to explore the first space in a little more detail: it’s characterised by the Antibody Effect, where the organisation actively preserves equilibrium and the status quo.

Change Curve - The Antibody Effect

All change starts with intent, with a level of disturbance, either from within the system, or imposed from outside. Where it ends up is a function of amplification and reaction: if the change messages spread, if it’s amplified, it may gain momentum. But if it’s resisted, muted and constrained, then…

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