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It took three hours for me to marvel at, ignore and disable the hourly ‘Stand up!‘ notification emanating from my left wrist. Three hours for me to adapt from ‘wow, isn’t this amazing’ to ‘stop bothering me‘. The award of a ‘badge‘ for standing up didn’t help much either.

Apple Watch

So it finally arrived: the frankly beautifully packaged Watch. As i peeled back the custom built layers (first the UPS package, a marvel of cardboard engineering in it’s own right, then the razor crisp white box and, finally, the elongated pill shaped case for Watch itself) i felt a sense of genuine excitement. Not because Watch will change my life, but rather because the game is on.

This is not the firstwearable‘ on my person. Indeed, it’s not the second or third. It’s simply the newest addition to a diverse…

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