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Some things feel right, some feel wrong, and some are just different. That’s what’s at the heart of my thinking today.

The Difference of Digital

I remember the first time i went on camera: painfully awkward, the sound of my own voice was weird, unknown. A poor quality experience. But now? Effortless, normal, easy. What was different and unusual became commonplace, largely through the democratisation and spread of the technology. That first camera i stood in front of was a broadcast model probably costing $15,000. Today, it’s a fraction of that. The pervasive nature of technology normalises that which was once out of reach.

Many of my friends are musicians, and most regularly record their own music, often producing CDs, digital formats and even vinyl. What once was the preserve of expensive studios and record labels is now commonplace.

But here’s the thing: the technology is not the thing!

I engaged in a…

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