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Rich is visiting me in Amsterdam today. We’ve hired him a bike, as that’s the only way to travel in the city. “Handbrake or pedal?“, they asked in the shop. Dutch bikes have brakes that are activated by pedalling backwards. English bikes all have handbrakes (or disk brakes if you can afford them). We’re all cyclists, but some things we think are common are strangely diversified.

Uncommonly Global

Like pants and pants. It’s no secret that the United Kingdom and the United States are two countries divided by a common language. Walk to work in the UK without pants and only you would know about it. In New York, it would raise more eyebrows.

Pants and pedals aside, other notions show remarkable elasticity when we unpack their meaning. Recently i explored ‘equality‘ in more detail, commenting on how what initially seems like a simple idea turns out…

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