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Agility comes through fluidity: an ability to adapt to circumstance, to diagnose, to deploy, to learn. In essence, it’s simple: codify enough into process to give replicability and scale, keep enough freedom to adapt, to change course as circumstance demands. In practice, it’s often harder. Today, in a more reflective piece, i want to explore why: why complexity confounds organisations and how simplicity can only be found once we reach the other side.


Let’s start with the ground rules: the complexity and constant change of the Social Age cannot be countered by brute force alone. No organisation can take a rules based, reactive approach and hope to thrive. Why? Because the ecosystem has changed, the competition is asymmetric and the change constant. Social authority and amplification, the democratisation of technology and the rise of collaborative community subverts formal process and authority. So the responses, resources, and strategies required to…

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