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In London for the day yesterday: i asked the taxi driver how busy he’d been. Not busy at all, was the answer: it’s Uber, he said, they’re stealing the market. Tough times, he said. There was talk of reducing the rates the black cabs charge. They were developing their own App too. But too little too late?

Disruption: catalyst for change in the Social Age

Back in Amsterdam, my brother is visiting with the family. They’re staying in an AirBnB apartment. All four of them, less than half the price of a hotel, more convenient, more space. And you don’t just get the room: this AirBnB collective have produced an Amsterdam magazine, with discount vouchers and a guide of things to do.

I’m looking for an artist to work up some of my maps to print quality. I’m connecting through WhatsApp to some groups of creatives, as well as through LinkedIn. No recruitment agency, no advert…

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