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A premise of the Social Age is change: change in our ecosystem, change in the Social Contract, changes in how we work, learn, communicate and play. The skills we used to navigate the Knowledge Age will not suffice for the Social one.

Core skills for the Social Age

Storytelling is a core skill: the ability to built commonality, so put shape around our intent, to build communities with shared values and purpose. It’s not the type of stories that organisations write, which are often designed to be broadcast to others, but rather it’s co-created and co-ownedstories, forged in the fires of discussion in our ‘sense making’ communities. The ways we write our stories is important, but also the ways we share them. We have to understand amplification and momentum, something many organisations fail to grasp.

When we talk about ‘narration‘ being a core skill, we can see this at three…

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