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It’s largely a matter of concentration: not thinking harder but rather a greater aggregation of knowledge and resources. Trace the journey of ‘sense making‘. At first, we had to use our own senses: looking at the world around us, biting things, being bitten by things, smelling the things. All that sensory input and cognitive processing led us to work stuff out. To find meaning in it. Don’t eat the red berries. Be nice to people. Remember to vote. And so on. That was the start.

The Emergence of Meaning

Once we’d got the habit, we started sharing these stories: HEY, don’t eat the red berries! We captured the sense within stories and, in time found ever better ways of sharing those stories.

We graduated from cave walls to vellum and, finally, Penguin books and magazines. Which we bought, gave as gifts and shared.

Oh, and we started to collect things together:…

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