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Today, some eclectic reflections on the realities of the Social Age

Eclectic Reflections

CULTURE: Culture is co-created through actions of individuals in the moment: it’s not aspirational or deterministic. It’s not something written on the wall in the lift. To engage in change therefore, inherently, is about engagement and co-creation of a new state: it’s about finding who is invested in the status quo and painting a picture of how they build meaning in the evolved reality. It’s about creating communities of change so that the decision becomes ‘am I in or out‘, not, ‘can i ignore or hide‘?

EQUALITY: my thinking continues to evolve. Less about abhorrent behaviours, more about infrastructural bias. What if the thing we are striving for is inherently shaped by cultural notions that are based in gender or racial bias? Whichever way you look at it, ‘empathy‘ is…

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