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Uncertainty: a shifting landscape of expectations and alliances, technologies and goals. Ambiguity: what does winning mean anymore and will we ever stop striving? Ambiguity: that thing that used to work is less effective these days, the path is less clear. Striving: constant learning, adaptation and rapidity of response. The need for community.

To thrive in chaos and ambiguity

The Social Age is a time of constant change: an evolved landscape of work and play. The nature of work itself has changed and, alongside it, the social contract between organisation and individual. Our relationship with knowledge has evolved too: away from knowing stuff to creating meaning. The ability to find meaning in the moment and to do it again, tomorrow, differently. Which is what we call agility and uninhibited curiosity. The desire and freedom to question everything.

Agility is not a foregone conclusion: most organisations are infrastructurally lethargic, unable to adapt, innovate, create…

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