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I’m at the IITSEC conference all this week in Orlando, exploring innovation in simulation and training. It’s a busy event, so my posts are likely to be reflective on what i’m seeing and making sense of.

IITSEC Reflections

Yesterday, three of the key sessions i saw were on ‘transmedia learning‘ (which i’d usually call ‘blended’), natural language processing, and responsive eLearning design through html5.

The work presented about ‘transmedia‘ learning was effectively about stories that are constructed through multiple spaces and technologies: using videos, podcasts, blogs, formal resources and more socially constructed ones. I liked the story based approach, but it was lacking integration of the social layers: for me, in any blended approach, especially a constructivist one, we need to include sense making spaces, and have an understanding of how they work and how we can support them.

The natural language processing…

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