ZML Didaktik / Innovative Learning Scenarios

Finally, I succeeded to find the time and learn for 8 weeks in one of Coursera’s xMOOCs – namely in the Social Analysis Network course of Lada Adamic. In this xMOOC I was looking for three opportunities to learn:

  • I wanted to experience learning in a classical xMOOC via Coursera.
  • I aimed to learn something about Social Network Analysis – from 1992 on when I visualized scientific data with AVS I have loved nice visualizations, and in this xMOOC I wanted to learn how to create visualizations of social networks.
  • And I wanted to be attentive if I learned something unexpected.

Learning in Coursera’s xMOOC

Learning in an xMOOC was not that bad as I was afraid of…

I had to watch many videos, every week 3 or 4, and I was alone in my learning process, as there wasn’t any group work or peer review – there were group work and peer review in the programming part…

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