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I’ve been working around change this week: exploring how an organisation builds a change culture. This sketch outlines a co-created and co-owned model of change that’s fit for the Social Age.

Dimensions of Change

We need executive sponsorship: without clarity of action from the top, there is no imperative for change to occur. But change can’t be driven from the top: it needs to be co-created and co-owned throughout.

At the bottom of the hierarchical structure are people with no remit or permission: we need to create spaces and permissions for them to be agile, to co-create and own parts of the change agenda. But that in itself is not enough.

In the middle sit the layer who are infra-structurally rewarded for the status quo: people who are invested and rewarded by the current structure. To change here, we need engagement with change, which should be magnetic: it’s about creating spaces…

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