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The chances are, it’s not Ghostbusters. Where do we turn when we have a question? Into our communities. Questions i’ve seen in the last few weeks include:

Alex, who took a photo of a mushroom, shared it on Facebook to the Mushroom Society (yes, there is one), asking if it was toxic or ok to eat. Answer: toxic.

Jules, a friend who makes musical installations, asked if anyone could think of ways to make harmonic sounds with running water: answers included hydrophones, steam, pressure and paddles.

Graham asked what ‘talent’ means to your or your business.

Martin asked if anyone wanted to go to the gig he was playing at and Paul asked if anyone wanted a spare cinema ticket.

I asked if someone could help me with flight bookings.

Different questions: different communities. Different outcomes. But a commonality of approach. We turn to our communities to make sense…

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