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Today went well: i presented a webinar on ‘scaffolded Social Learning‘ to around a hundred and thirty people. As is usual, i rewrote the whole thing yesterday and shared it on the blog before it even started. Later i’ll share the slides too. Those people were around the world: Australia, Beirut, France, Mumbai, London… a global community united in a spirit of enquiry.

Decentralised Global

At the weekend, i leave for Singapore for a conference, then to Thailand to work with another community. A week back home, then it’s off to America. Frighteningly global.

There’s no plan, no strategy: for the last four years, i’ve simply been #WorkingOutLoud before i do anything else. Take writing the books: the first one, i locked myself away for four weeks to write, then published it. The last one, i wrote everyday and shared everything as i wrote. Today, i’ve given away…

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