Open Matters

Photo of balls scattering on a pool table. Mechanics plays out on the pool table. (Courtesy of Brian DeMalo on Flickr.)

Coming soon to MITx on edX is a new kind of MOOC—a MOOC to help high school students better prepare for college. Many students who arrive at college find themselves struggling with the courses they must take, as their high school experience has not provided them with the necessary preparation to do well at college. Most current MOOC offerings already reflect the rigor of college instruction, and less well-prepared students struggle to take advantage of these exciting new learning experiences. Instead of jumping forward, they are frustrated from the start.

edX has taken steps to remedy this situation by creating the edX High School Initiative. Its goal is to address the student “readiness gap” and make MOOC learning at the college level easier for those in need of additional preparation. The hope is to “provide a…

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