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In April next year, i’m curating a new conference: it’s called the Social Age Safari and it’s a 2 day, open session conference where we will co-create a narrative around the new realities of learning and leading.

The Social Age Safari

It’s designed to build a better understanding of the Social Age: how we learn, how we lead, how we change.

The Conference is aimed at strategists and leaders in organisations who want to help them get fit for the future.

Working within a loose, facilitated structure, delegates will co-create the narrative through a series of presentations, discussions, collaborative activities and contributions.

The ecosystem of the Social Age

In this section, we will explore the foundations of the Social Age: the evolved nature of work, the new Social Contract, the drive towards social responsibility and the mechanisms of co-created and co-owned change.

Mapping the Social Age We can chart some of…

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