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Leadership is about many things, but for Social Leaders, a large component if to be fair. It’s not about what the rules tell us: it’s about what our hearts and souls tell us. Does that sound soft? Does that sound slack?

Fairness: right Values are not deterministic: they are created in the moment, through our behaviour

Imagine this: organisations love ‘values‘. They print them on their literature and, sometimes, paste them to their walls or carve them in reception. ‘Trust‘, ‘Integrity‘, ‘Honesty‘. But are these values deterministic or distilled from our actions?

I can tell you that i’m honest, but if i fail to correct the mistake when the guy in the coffee shop gives me the wrong change, then in that moment, i’m not. Values are not aspirational: they are not deterministic, they are lived in the moment.

We hear the word…

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