EPPIC - Pursuing Performance

Or SAM. If ADDIE is not your thing.

My thing is an ADDIE-like MCD. More on that in a moment.

It’s Too Late Baby

By the time an ADDIE or SAM or SAT or some other ISD model starts – the ROI potential or not – is pretty much set. If there is nil or none or negative – that’s not something a stellar ADDIE effort can impact for improvement.

Yes – you can screw up the in ADDIE process after Targeting – and miss the Potential. But the Potential Improvement and it’s value – the R in ROI- is a matter of the existing situation – the current state compared to the best possible (not impossible) future state.

That’s the possible R in the ROI equation.


You can screw up the Implementation – the delivery or access of the learning content – or Performance Support – by making it…

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