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Contrary to reports from America, nobody has yet abused or mugged me after two weeks sporting my Google Glass. There has been a certain level of notoriety: i’d estimate i’ve spoken to a hundred strangers who have asked about and tried them on. These range from a bus conductor, waitress and stranger in the street, to my mum. Who isn’t a stranger. But was a stranger to Glass.

Emergent Technology

It’s rather like having a puppy.

Everyone notices it. Everyone wants to touch it. Most people say they’d like one. Everyone wonders it it’s eaten the curtains yet. Nobody kicks it because it’s cute.

Emergent technology goes through stages: ‘excitement‘, ‘doubt‘, ‘fear‘, ‘failure‘.

We start, excited by the potential: often technology precedes the problem it solves. We strive to find the purpose of it, to find the applications. SMS messaging was an…

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