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When Tesco opened a small branch in the village, it inevitably sounded the death knell for the old bakery next door. The village butcher and greengrocers weren’t far behind. There were grumbles, indeed, there had been a protest, letters to the council, some controversy, but in the end, it’s progress: what can you do. The perpetual march of the super brands, with their distribution hubs, their loyalty schemes and their own brand yoghurt.

The business covenant We need a new Covenant, between business, government and society. One that delivers value over time.

The baker didn’t exactly know my name, but he certainly recognised me by sight. He was of the community, part of the community in a way that the supermarket never can be. Or never could be anyway.

When my parents took out their first mortgage, they were interviewed by the Bank Manager, in his suit, who made the final decision. The…

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