Bryan Alexander

Pew Internet logoHow is education responding to new technologies of automation?  I’m quoted on this in a new Pew Internet report.

“The education system is not well positioned to transform itself to help shape graduates who can ‘race against the machines.’ Not in time, and not at scale. Autodidacts will do well, as they always have done, but the broad masses of people are being prepared for the wrong economy.”

Let me unpack that a little.

If we want to consider the intersection between future automation and education, we need to choose a model of how that kind of technology will shape society.

automated factoryPerhaps automation will have a moderate impact on American (and global*) life, with some types jobs being replaced, leaving the rest unwarped.  In that case schools at all levels need to respond.  That probably means, first,  de-emphasizing curricula aimed at those replaced jobs and expanding technology programs.  Second…

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