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Google Glass 1Joe was great: sitting me down, letting me open the box, carefully lifting out my new, orange, Glass and ensuring i was connected to the WiFi. When i first arrived at Glass Basecamp, the half dozen casually dressed staff (Explorers? Helpers?) were sat outside in the sun, relaxed, sporting different coloured frames on their faces, a small corner of San Francisco in central London. The environment was safe, relaxed, friendly. It felt rather like joining a young and particularly good looking club.

At one point, Joe and I stepped outside (for a better 3G signal). A small urchin ran up to us, staring at our faces with his snot encrusted face, «What’s that» he demanded, pointing at the slick white Glass that Joe was sporting. He explained that it was Glass, that it cost a lot of money and that you could buy them in his shop. Sorry…

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