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I must have spent literally hours glued to the pages of the Argos catalogue: i can still remember the feel of it’s thin, crinkly paper that would stick to your fingers as you turned the pages. The Playmobil section was towards the end, under ‘toys‘, but before you got to the girls stuff, all pink and glittery. Ah, the days before gender stereotypes played on my mind.

Google Glass Explorer

The Playmobil Space Station sat on the surface of a barren planet, it’s brown rocks and craters calling out for exploration. The blue glass dome shone under an alien sun and in the sky a shuttle drew closer (a shuttle that was already in my possession, doing diligent duty in the garden). The day before Christmas was always a time of expectation and imagination, excitement and trepidation. There was no doubt in my mind that the Space Station would advance my…

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