Living in Learning

Charles Jennings and his team at the 70:20:10 Forum are doing remarkable work in positioning an innovative learning blend that is becoming widely pursued and known as simply 70:20:10. Many organizations are either adopting this new “blend” or are considering how to embed aspects of it into their own methodologies for creating effective learning. Personally, I cannot point to a better structure that is more compelling in which to include Performance Support [PS]. 70:20:10 does indeed embrace PS; however I would take this “blend” and “extend it”even more broadly with PS embedded throughout.

Andrew Gerkins, of the 70:20:10 Solutions Team, just released a great whitepaper, “Workplace Learning That Works” where he introduces the Adding – Embedding – Extracting Model [AEEM] that supports 70:20:10. In the AEEM, Andrew rightly shows where the possibility of PS fits. Maybe it is my own biases toward Embedded PS [EPS] as…

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