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14 julio, 2014

EDUcation-Collaboration And Coaching | The Future

EDU: Digital CitiZENship, CyberSecurity, eSkills, Modern EDU by Gust MEES



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Message for The TEAM:  Mindy, Laura and Mark ===> Preparation

Please click this link first before STARTING ===> Collaboration-Working As A Team (Especially On Global) And Connected Through Social Media <=== and/or read first the TOPIC below ===> Collaboration-Working As A Team (Especially On Global) And Connected Through Social Media <=== where YOU will find the necessary information on ===> How To <=== work on OUR global collaboration blog, thanks to respect this.



The authors: actually on July 12th, 2014: Gust MEES (Administrator), Mindy KIM (Editor), Laura HILL (Editor), Mark E. Weston Ph.D.(Editor), will be represented by THEIR…

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Radical Change: engaging communities

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

It doesn’t have to be ‘them and us‘. With the right type of engagement, it can be ‘us‘ all around. I’m seeing increased interest in the power of socially moderated and driven change models: harnessing the power of community to co-create and co-own the change.

Sustained Subversion

Call it ‘sanctioned subversion‘. It allows a little of the anarchic into the formal organisational space. Creating communities of change who both shape the ideas and take responsibility for execution: recognising that change itself isn’t hard, it’s engagement and momentum that count.

The NHS Healthcare Radicals model is one of the strongest i’ve seen: an officially sanctioned community for change couched in fully social terms. The very language is social and provocative: you study to become a ‘radical‘, not a graduate. It’s a deliberate choice of words: it provides permission to think differently and to align…

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