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The Wild Wild West I was told i looked more ‘Woody’ than ‘Clint’, but let me assure you, i was the only true Sheriff Twenty years ago, a group of small town friends gathered in a field for a Wild West themed party. At twenty years of age, it was a rather raucous affair. This weekend, older, maybe wiser, it happened again. Age has changed everyone: this time around, there were more children and dogs. Everyone turned up in an estate car or campervan. But there was still a fire, still a bar and still a Sheriff.

Wherever there’s a fire, there are stories: it’s in our DNA to create them, to share them.

In groups such as this, we create our myths: shared experiences and stories, written over time. The cast may evolve as friends come and go and families grow: some of the stories tinged with sadness, others filled…

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