A new studyThe Innovative University: What College Presidents Think About Change in American HigherEducation,  sponsored by Blackboard and The Chronicle of Higher Education, has this to say about disruption:

Well over half of all presidents believe that at least a moderate amount of disruption is needed in higher education. Years ago disruption to higher-education’s business model was not something a college president was likely to promote. These days, disruption is sometimes a rallying cry from the president’s office. This is a dramatic change from the way campuses have traditionally conducted their business, through evolutionary change.

When I saw that yesterday, my eyes rolled. As one who has run a business, I’ve always seen Clayton Christensen’s “disruptive innovation” as simply another bit of gobbledegook getting in the way of getting things done.

It turns out I am not the only one. Jull Lepore, writing in the June…

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