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Uncovering Stories«It’s a little wordy, is that normal in your field?» was Heidi’s response to my first draft. Her tact doing little to numb the honesty. In some areas, volume is good: boxes or chocolate and length of holidays being two of them. In stories, it’s less certain, and, when it comes to organisational narratives, shorter is invariably better.

I’ve been working this week to write the story of my own organisation, SeaSalt, and it’s been harder than you might think: this is frustrating as, since i created it, you’d think i could just make it up. The problem is that we tend to create stories that sit within our own frame of reference: we write stories that make sense to us, use language we understand, refer to concepts that we have mastered, exist in frames that we shape. By their nature, our first drafts of our stories

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