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It’s been a fascinating week, delivering the prototype workshop around ‘Creativity, Co-Creation and Agility‘ and reflecting on how to unlock innovation within teams. There’s a clear dynamic between permissions, creative spaces, creative processes, improvisation and narrative. Whilst i don’t feel ready yet to distil this into a full model, i’ve started by capturing these elements of agility and associated ideas into one visual map.

Creativity and Innovation

I’ve started with Disturbance, reflecting on the forces that stifle innovation, that muffle creativity. These may be cultural, legal or around hierarchies of authority. Or straight lethargy. People can be excluded through race, gender or sexual preference and that exclusion may extend to the exclusion of voices and ideas that are different too. It’s save to start with disturbance: we need to create spaces of experimentation and permission for people to innovate within.

We spent a great deal of time reflecting…

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