At Forty Two

“Sexual freedom, sexual liberation. A modern delusion. We are hierarchical animals. Sweep one hierarchy away, and another will take its place, perhaps less palatable than the first.” ― Camille Paglia

Hold on to that quote…

Bob Sutton (Stanford Professor and Co-author of SCALING UP EXCELLENCE) in Hierarchy is Good. Hierarchy is Essential. And Less Isn’t Always Better, says about hierarchies (and he’s not alone in this):

“…a well-managed hierarchy is among the most effective weapons for getting rid of the friction, incompetence, and politics that plague bad organizations…”

If a well managed hierarchy is good, then what is all the Holacracy® talk about? Well, according to what Brian Robertson (who developed the Holacracy Constitution) and his HolacracyOne partner Olivier Compagne write in a blog post “Holacracy Is Not What You Think” (a Response to Steve Denning’s “Making Sense of Zappos and Holacracy”):

“…the hierarchy that Holacracy uses is not…

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