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Markets are bustling places: crates of fruit and vegetables, fish piled high on ice, shouting and haggling, people jostling for space, drifts of empty cardboard boxes piled high, smells mingling and changing as you walk. I’ve walked through markets in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, America or Brixton and they all have things in common. There’s an energy: stallholders calling over one another, each vying their wares, each competing for your attention. They call out, as each gets louder, the other has to compensate. Their energy is infectious.

Marketplace Marketplaces are busy: vibrant and energetic. When we engage in marketplaces of ideas, we open ourselves up to change

Brixton is an interesting place: i’ve been spending some time there, talking to a few people about their evolving model of governance. It’s a proud district in London, with a mixed culture and strong sense of community. Take the Brixton pound: a super local…

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