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In my socially aspirational post university days, a group of us used to have a wine tasting evening most weeks. Someone would choose a country and we’d all tip up with a bottle, share it round and make a few notes on what we liked. It was a self organising and rather loose affair which petered out when we realised that beyond the distinction of ‘red‘ or ‘white‘, we were rather out of our depth. Some things are best left to the experts.

Collaborative, Cooperative and Hierarchical models Collaborative, Cooperative and Hierarchical models of authority all differ, but in the evolving ecosystem of the Social Age, all have their strengths and pitfalls

The Cooperative Bank has been in the news again this week: after several disastrous takeovers, it was bailed out by the government, joining the list of taxpayer funded institutions let down by systemic leadership and governance failures. In particular…

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