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I’m editing the Handbook of Social Leadership today. In fact, i’m exactly half way through: which is why i’ve allowed myself to be distracted by writing the blog. I’ve been pretty focussed and feeling pretty proud about it.

Distractions It’s easy to get distracted, but maybe we need the distractions…

Except that i haven’t. I’ve been all over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails and a call to the plumber.

And i’ve had lunch, several coffees and dedicated some serious thinking to which book to read next.

C’est la vie. Concentration is a rare commodity, but is it getting rarer?

There’s some thinking that the pace of communication and penetration of social technology into every crevice of our lives is changing how we think, and i’d have to agree with at least part of that.

I see the technology fundamentally changing the ways we think, the ways we learn, the ways we work…

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