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Evolution is about change over generations: about adaptation to suit the prevailing environment. It’s not a fast process, but it has an inevitability, and we all know what happens to the losers. Look back a hundred years and our view of leadership was one dimensional: leaders told others what to do.

Ingrained behaviours in class led societies, the legacy of Victorian era industrialisation, the rise of the new city states, where money and influence were ever more concentrated, these factors mitigated for strong leaders who gave orders and expected compliance.

So much has changed: the technology that forged the ploughshares continued to evolve, through steam engines, jet airplanes and iPhones. Increases in communication technology gave rise to greater social mobility: as we saw how the other half lived, we were free to aspire to emulate it. Mass production of cheap cultural artefacts led us all to fill our homes with…

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