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8 diciembre, 2012

Cybersecurity Summary for Parents

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Cybersecurity Summary for Parents


Learn how to help your kids use the Internet safely and responsibly…


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The StoryBots are brightly-colored, perpetually positive little creatures who live beneath our screens and make learning fun for kids — and easy for parents!


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82% dos alunos usam o smartphone para tarefas da escola [infográfico]

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É um dos dados em evidência neste infográfico do OnlineDegrees.com. Outro dado interessante é a impopularidade da aplicação iBooks, o que não significa que os alunos não usem o smartphone para ler,…

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Exposition pédagogique : Rodin, la chair, le marbre

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Le musée Rodin de Paris accueille, jusqu’au 1er sep­tembre 2013, une belle expo­si­tion consa­crée au tra­vail d’Auguste Rodin. Intitulée “Rodin, la chair, le marbre”, elle offre aux ensei­gnants une foule de pistes péda­go­giques à déve­lop­per avec leurs élèves, notam­ment dans le domaine de l’histoire de l’art.

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Professor se forma na escola | Gestão da aprendizagem | Nova Escola

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Entrevista com o professor português Antonio Nóvoa, um dos mais importantes especialistas em formação de professores. Para ele, o bom professor se forma na escola.
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Folder Full of Storytelling Apps

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“I feel storytelling apps are one of the most powerful aspects of using the iPad. It allows for collaboration and creativity that I couldn’t really achieve before using the iPad. Here are my 22 favorite Storytelling Apps. The list is constantly changing but the majority of them stay the same.”

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Blended Learning: We Are All New Teachers

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The challenges facing a new teacher are clear: how to write a strong lesson plan, how to master the fine art of lesson delivery and how to keep kids engaged in a positive classroom environment are all…

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Carlos Scolari’s New Book! Crossmedia Innovation: Texts, Markets, Institutions @cscolari

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Ya está aquí.Costó muchas horas de trabajo, cientos de intercambios con Indrek Ibrus  (un gran colega y amigo de la Tallinn …Continuar leyendo »…

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#Mobile developers: This is how you get 500,000 installs in one day | AppGratis

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In 2008 a French engineer in Silicon Valley started a newsletter about a fascinating new slice of the technology market: mobile apps. Today, his company regularly drives 250,000 downloads for featu…

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