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26 noviembre, 2012

Comment Incruster une vidéo youtube dans une autre

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Voilà un service intéressant mais tout de même un peu inutile qui consiste à créer une page internet avec une video Youtube et en arrière plan une autre vidéo youtube.

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4 Ways to Increase Engagement In The Classroom – Edudemic

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Cómo motivar y conseguir enganchar a los alumnos: integrar la tecnología; moverse, acercarse a los alumnos; no temer las expectativas, hacerles creer que son capaces; acercar el contenido al mundo real.

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Du stage à l’écosystème d’apprentissage – APPRENDRE …

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La formationprofessionnelle a institué le stage comme moyen d’enseigner et d’apprendre. Cette forme tourne autour de la relation maître-éléve-savoir. Il permet de comprendre le monde. Aujourd’hui … Hébergé par …


Excellent !

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@Ignatia Webs: A one access point for all books and music? YEAH

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Learning Technologies of Change

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Learning systemic change: 470+ posts…

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Why gamification is the answer to better adherence and medical education » Daman

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Gamification can greatly benefit pharma in terms of improving adherence rates and boost medical education…

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Week 4 Experience: Online Gamification Course PIRÁMIDE DE GAMIFICATION

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Just completed the fourth week video lectures on Coursera’s Gamification course. Take Aways: 1. To make businesses more “game-like”, we need to look into game elements — poi…

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ScienceDirect.com – Computers in Human Behavior – A social gamification framework for a K-6 learning platform

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I Came, I Saw, I #Learned…: #eLearning: How to Incorporate #Gamification Elements via @pgsimoes

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by AJ George If you happened to catch my earlier article on the gamification of learning, then you know that I have been dubious about its effectiveness. To be clear, it’s not the premise of having fun in learning that…

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