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26 octubre, 2012

7 Cities Poised to Become the Next Silicon Valley – Online Universities

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Check out the seven cities we think are ready to become the next Silicon Valley; which do you think is next?

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MOOCs – Virtudes e Limitações ~ MOOC EaD — YOURLS

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E-Learning Queen

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New Negroponte project: edx

See on Scoop.itA New Society, a new education!

Nicholas Negroponte, founder of One Laptop per Child, and MIT Media Lab, says the laptop project turned kids into change agents. He adds that there’s a difference between education and learni…

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Apple iPad Mini May Cause Problems For Education, McGraw Hill Exec Says

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Although Apple boasted of its educational bonafides at its iPad Mini unveiling event on Tuesday, the company may not have done teachers and students any favors, according to an executive with McGraw Hill, one of Apple’s closest publishing partners.

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5 Scholarships for Students With Learning Disabilities

See on Scoop.itA New Society, a new education!

Money is available for prospective and current college students with issues such as dyslexia or ADHD.

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Teen Takes Educators to Twitter School

See on Scoop.itWeb 2.0 for juandoming

Fifteen-year-old Adora Svitak knows students nowadays “live, work and play” social media.

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Technology in schools: Is the clock being turned back? via @edumorfosis

See on Scoop.itA New Society, a new education!

Mike Baker asks if the clock is being turned back on computer technology in schools.

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Digitum : Universidad de Murcia: Aproximación al estudio de las actitudes y estrategias de pensamiento social y su relación con los comportamientos disruptivos en el aula en la educa…

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DIGITUM es el Depósito Digital Institucional de la Universidad de Murcia. Su objetivo es permitir el acceso libre a la producción científica y académica de la Universidad.

See on digitum.um.es

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