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26 agosto, 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: Trending Attitudes in Cloud Computing

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What is your attitude to Cloud Computing? Have you adopted a cloud solution or are you considering doing so? We wanted to find out what you thought so recently we surveyed 174 respondents from North America to find out what their attitudes are toward the cloud. Take a look at the Infographic below to find out what IT professionals value, use and are considering in Cloud Computing.

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Teach Online – At Your Convenience | Life360View.com

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Innovation Design In Education – ASIDE: Visual Thinking: Where Learning Meets Design

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Innovative design crosses over all aspects of education. The American Society for Innovation Design in Education, or ASIDE, seeks to infuse curriculum with new approaches to teaching and thinking.

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Khan Academy: The hype and the reality

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Khan Academy boasts almost 3,300 videos that have been viewed over 160 million times. That’s a heroic achievement.
But, a mathematician says, there’s a problem: the videos aren’t very good.

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Folha de S.Paulo – Educação – Governo quer 100% dos royalties do petróleo e do pré-sal para educação – 22/08/2012

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O ministro da Educação, Aloizio Mercadante, defendeu nesta quarta-feira (22) que os recursos dos royalties do petróleo e do pré-sal, mais 50% do Fundo Social do petróleo, sejam destinados para a educação.

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Narrative Lived | Biblical Preaching

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“Why did God give the majority of His Word in the form of narrative?  I suspect part of the answer lies in the incarnational nature of narrative.  It is theology fleshed out in concrete.  Real lives, real situations, real challenges, real responses.  Narrative engages us, and that is exactly the way God would have it.  Why?  Because He seeks to engage us.

So as I am studying a couple of narratives for forthcoming messages, I am struck by how my life this week has been a sequence of micro-narratives, within the larger narrative of my year, within the macro-narrative of many lives intersecting, within the supra-narrative of God’s history.”

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Exprime tu Moodle 2.0

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Ponencia presentada en Expoelearning 2011 sobre Moodle 2.0. Aunque las últimas versiones de Moodle incorporan varias novedades y mejoras, algunos de los puntos presentados pueden ser de interés para sacar el máximo partido de las herramientas de Moodle. Espero que te sea de utilidad!!!

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Chomsky. El objetivo de la educación

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Noam Chomsky discute el objetivo de la educación, el impacto de la tecnología, y si la educación debe ser percibida como un costo o como una inversión, así c…

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Comunicación y educación en los nuevos entornos : ¿nativos o cautivos digitales ?

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