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20 junio, 2012

SOL. Servicio de Orientación de Lectura infantil y juvenil

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El Servicio de Orientación de Lectura (SOL) es un recomendador de libros dirigido tanto al público infantil y juvenil, como a los adultos, con dos objetivos: fomentar la lectura en todas las edades y dar un servicio fácil y de calidad a quienes…

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Touch Image Manipulator for iPad

See on Scoop.itIPAD, un nuevo concepto socio-educativo!

Full featured photo editing, painting and drawing tool.
!!! An updated version has been submitted . Free until update is available. Please report any issues/questions via support link below.

Allows importing of Adobe Photoshop brush packs. 
Download straight from the internet browser or through email attachments).
For most brush packs you can just select the download option on the web page.

Supports images 2048×2048 on ipad1, 2592×1944 (5Mp) on ipad2, and 3264 x 2448 (8Mp) on ipad third generation.

Retina support for ipad third generation.

– Selection tools : rectangle, ellipse, lasso, color continuous and non continuous. Optional anti aliasing, feathering.
– Painting tools : pencil, brush, airbrush with variable rate and pressure, lots of brush configurations : angle, jitter, size, opacity, hardness, fade,…
– Clone tool with different alignment options.
– Dodge , Burn brushes
– Blur, sharpen brushes 
– Fill tool
– Gradient tool with support for radial,linear bilinear, conical (symmetrical and asymmetrical), optional repeat option: saw tooth and triangle wave.
– Eraser tool
– Smudge tool with variable rate 
– Text tool, supports all installed fonts, text alignment option, text shadow option with configurable color, offset blur size…
– Color picker tool.

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The 4 stages of understanding Twitter

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How well do you “get” Twitter?

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Too cool for school

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It’s natural to want to be popular with students. But, as Meabh Ritchie reports, trying too hard to gain their admiration could land you in hot water
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Open Calls via @mwesch papers on education, technology, and media ecology / McLuhan Studies

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Last Great Thing — Dan Sinker, what’s the last great thing you saw? via @cshirky

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For every day this month, we’ll simply ask one smart person to share the last great thing they found on the web.

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5 of the Best Online Learning Resources | The Inspired Classroom

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What’s your ‘personal learning environment’ or PLE? Is it like Facebook? Will it change with fashion?

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JonAthan Vernon ha escrito un post explicando su PLE con dos representaciones gráficas, la de 2011 y otra actual que refleja el uso que hace de Internet.

El artículo describe y sugiere buenas ideas.

Me gusta!

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Why do you curate? The 3 intents of curation and how they create value

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Las 3 intenciones de la Curación comentadas por Ross Dawson en su blog:


1. Hacerte visible, llamar la atención 


2. Desarrollar tu «expertise»


3. Contribuir con tus aportaciones al conocimiento de los demás.


Totalmente de acuerdo! 

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