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5 junio, 2012

Llega Airtime, nueva plataforma de videochat

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Sean Parker parece ser una constante en lo que respecta a emprendimientos en Internet.

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Este verano, aprende a programar Apps en la Universidad | Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

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The Collage Tells The Story and The Curator Skillset That’s Yet To Come

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Robin Good: Krishna Bharat, creator of Google News and now Principle Scientist at Google, spoke at the News World Summit in Bangalore, India.


His focus was on the future of news and on the impotance of curation as well as on what the news will look and “feel” like.


He rightly suggests to news teams to “provide guides to content”, not just new content and to deliver information in ways that entice the reader in multiple ways, while providing lots of good and well referenced information. 


Excerpted from the original Poynter.org article: “As consumers have access to vast troves of news information from all over the world, Bharat urged news editorial teams to provide a guide to content, not just produce content.


“Creation and curation should be the fundamental activities for your editorial team,” he said.

Bharat said news in the future will become more of an app-like experience, as users adapt the experience to themselves, and as newsrooms provide a more multi-dimensional experience that includes more images and maps.


“The collage tells the story.


This will create a skill set that doesn’t exist yet.”


And also:


“The winning experience of the future is fast, tactile, original content, with access to many reputable sources in an appealing narrative form,” Bharat said.


“It is delivered in an appealing, narrative form, encompasses a broader definition of news, and involves audiences with a stake in the story or with expertise.”


Must-read. 9/10


Full article: http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/top-stories/175859/krishna-bharat-news-industry-futuremust-hire-restless-agents-of-change/ 

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Curative Thinkers and Solution Connectors

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Robin Good: In the age of global, collective and crowdsourced interaction, many among us are starting to play the role of “connectors”. We help like-minded people find each other, or good and complementary ideas to meet halfway. 


Here is an interesting take from Nick Kellet on the possible different types of “connectors” out there, among which he identifies also a “solution connector”, or someone able to pull together different information, resources and ideas to tell a story or to cover an issue/topic like a museum curator would do.


From the original article: “Are you an Solution Connector? > CURATIVE THINKER


…A solution connector isn’t someone who create new ideas per se, being curative is just a different kind of creative.


They think a little more like a museum curator – they tell a story.


Their special skill is deciding which bits to keep and which to remove. They put together a Solution or an Exhibit. They let the whole idea tell a story. They assemble.


…Another metaphor is standing on the shoulders of giants. I watched this done brilliantly by Dave Kellogg whilst at Business Objects. Dave is a master of assembling ideas from across the gene pool and then crafting a wonderful story.

For me I’ve learned that Curation is far more effective and far more scalable than Creative Thinking.


…Curation Thinking is on the rise.”


Full article: http://www.nickkellet.com/2012/01/what-do-you-connect-naturally-people-ideas-or-risks/ 

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#QR Codes In #Education – LiveBinder @web20classroom

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Resources For Getting Started With And Using QR Codes In The Classroom…

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A wicked problem | @HJarche

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Pensando como campeones @dreig

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Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom By @web20classroom

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KDE responde a la consulta británica sobre los estándares abiertos

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Desde que el actual Gobierno británico subió el poder, varios frentes se abrieron al debate en la sociedad.

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